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Six Sentence Sunday

From Voulez Vous,:

(This is Johanna and Katniss on the phone)

“That’s not true, Katniss. Jeez, when did you become the jaded one and I become the champion for love?”

I can hear her sigh on the other end of the line and I can’t stand how serious the conversation has become.

“Coincidentally, right around the time you started buttering your bread with marvelous Marvel.”

“Shut up, I told you to stop calling him that!”

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Six Sentence Sunday-Voulez Vous

Hey y’all taking a quick break from hiatus to give you a SSS entry (It’s actually 10 sentences, but that’s still within the guidelines, so…)

I don’t think so, and I have a feeling your definition of fun and mine are completely different.

 How so, firecracker?”

 My idea of fun usually includes rope and a knife, or a bow and arrow.”

 My hope of deterring him with my last statement backfires on me immediately, as his eyes light up and he scoots from his current stool into the one next to me, leaning in so close that I can see the flecks of gold in his bright green eyes.

Rope, eh? I’m good with a knot, you know. I’m really not into knives and arrows but maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle?” He cocks his head and gives me what I’m certain is probably his best panty-dropping smile.

I roll my eyes and shoot him a dirty look for good measure. “Not gonna happen, Irishman. 

Oh I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I’ve been told I grow on people. And the name’s Finnick; Finnick O’Dair.

From Voulez Vous (an Everlark WIP which has taken on a serious life of it’s own…)

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Six Sentence Sunday after the jump

Ok, guys, RL is getting in the way, but I am trying to finish this and get it to my beautiful beta sometime this week. (As well as work on Kindling and my spring fling assignment)

This is from Voulez Vous, which was originally intended as a one-shot, but is quickly expanding.

I posted a snippet on Valentine’s day already, but this is from the same story.

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Six Sentence Sunday

This is british!Peeta, btw, so just imagine him saying everything in a british accent. (It makes it better, I swear)

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I’m halfway out the door, bags in hand, when he says it.

“This is real, Katniss.”


“You know, you can deny this all you want, but this is real. What’s between us is real. And it’s not going to go away if you just ignore it.”

 My hand stills on the doorknob, not daring to turn around and look him in the eye again. If I do, I’m done for, and I’m never walking through that door.

From the unpublished “Voules Vouz.” Keep an eye out for it around Valentine’s Day (hopefully)

(Big thanks to sassyeverlarking, madefrommemoriesff-the best Tumblr wife ever, forthegenuine-the best beta/cheerleader, and angylinni for feedback and general encouragement. And thanks to salanderjade for being the devil on my shoulder.)

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Okay, where can I read that story you posted SSS from? I have to read the rest of that!

via Anonymous

Lol, hold your horses, anon, I assume your talking about this one that I posted yesterday for Six Sentence Sunday?

His kisses are intoxicating, trailing from my ear down my neck, and suddenly I can’t think of anything but him, and all the reasons that I had to stop him have left me.

“Tell me to stop, Katniss.” He breathes. “I know we can’t do this. Just tell me to stop.”

I know it’s wrong. I know that I shouldn’t want this as much as I do, and I know that this will ruin everything. But I don’t care about any of that right now.

“Don’t stop.”

That one is not posted yet (because it’s not finished) and it’s titled “Voulez Vous” because it takes place in Paris. And it includes British!Peeta. For reasons.

But here’s a link to my fanfiction.net profile (username marycontrary82) because I will post it there when it is finished, as well as link it to Tumblr.

I am hoping to have it finished for Valentine’s Day (in time for the prompts, but seeing as how that falls right into the Mardi Gras time frame, I can’t make any promises. But I’m trying.)

Oh, and bytheway, there will be a cheating trigger warning added to the story. Sorry if you like Gale. Really sorry.

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SSS-Voulez Vous

This is an unbeta’d snippet from Voulez Vous, the first part of which will finally be going to beta later this week. *fist pump*

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I can feel tears starting to stream down my face. I love Gale, I do, but this…..THIS is something I’ve never felt. I feel like I want to consume him and let him devour me. I want to hold him so close to me that he might suffocate. I want to be with him every second of every day and it suddenly occurs how wrong I was to try to deny this. Peeta’s right. There’s something between us that’s undeniable, and so intense that it’s like it’s taken on its own life force. I can feel it so strongly, that magnetic pull that’s always between us, and I know that I can’t fight it anymore. I know that I don’t really want to.

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Six Sentence Sunday-Voulez Vous

Snippet from  Voulez Vous (unpublished WIP)

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"Cut the shit, Haymitch, where’s Peeta?" I dangle the flask just out of reach and he makes a half-hearted attempt to lunge for it before he loses his balance and lands back on the sofa with a soft thud.

He’s probably in his room, licking his wounds, after you broke his heart today rubbing that boyfriend of yours in his face.

I wasn’t rubbing it in ANYONE’s face, and it  doesn’t matter that I have a boyfriend anyway.

Really, that why you didn’t feel the need to mention him at all until he called today?" He swings forward in one swift move and snatches the flask from my hands. If I wasn’t so pissed at him I’d be impressed with his reflexes.

Look, Haymitch, I don’t owe you any explanation, and I don’t owe Peeta one either. We’re just friends. There’s nothing between us. I didn’t hurt his feelings. It’s not like we were dating or anything like that. WE’RE. JUST. FRIENDS.

He sighs and leans back, taking a swig from the flask and settling his gaze on me. “Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.”

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A Valentine’s Snippet

Since I unfortunately do not have ‘Voulez Vous’ (my Everlark one-shot) ready to publish (blame Mardi Gras), so here’s a snippet, for salanderjade, as a little Valentine’s Day gift.

Unbeta-ed, kind of spoiler-ish, angsty and not at all fluffy, just to warn you.

And Salanderjade, just reminding you, this is all your fault  ;-)


I know, okay! I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry, Gale.” I can feel tears starting to stream down my face and my hands are shaking. “God, I’m so sorry.

Don’t you dare do that.” His voice is low and serious. “Don’t you fucking dare turn on the waterworks and try to make me feel sorry for you when you were the one who fucked everything up.

I try to speak through the sobs that are now wrenching through my body but it comes out in small gasps. “I know, Gale, I know, but I just…….” I want to tell him how bad I feel; how guilty, but I know that it won’t matter, that in the end, they’re just words, and it won’t make anything better. “I’m glad you came home.”

He looks at me for a minute and I can see his eyes soften a little at the sight of me.

I almost didn’t.

I lock gazes with him for a second, and nod tightly, studying the pain etched on his face. I did that. I broke the heart of my best friend, the man who’s been with me through everything, supporting me and Prim in everything we wanted to do. I hurt him in the worst way possible and though I know it’s selfish, I wonder if he has it in him to forgive me. 

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I’ll see your lawyer!Peeta and raise you one British!Peeta.