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About those asks…

…hey y’all,

Sorry I didn’t answer asks yesterday as promised, but I wasn’t feeling well and it’s hard to catch a signal at work, plus I got a slew of nasty anons that I have to go through and delete.

I’ll work on them today though.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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Bodyguard AU Part VI: More Sex Stuff


marycontrary82's birthday today and she requested more bodyguard AU.  Happy Birthday to an excellent lady! (Rated M).

The past three weeks had been pure torture—if wanting to touch Madge and not being able to had been bad, it was nothing compared to knowing what it was like to touch her and not being able to anymore.  The most he could do was put his hand on the small of her back as he escorted her to the car, which was what he was doing now.

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Is it your birthday? If so happy birthday! Ignore the stupid anons. They aren't worth it.

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Thanks sweetie. I responded to the one and then deleted like, 10 more. They were rude and at most of them used either a derogatory word for a female or a euphemism for a sexually active woman, so I’m done and I’ll just ignore for a while. If I have to, I’ll just turn off anons.

And it wasn’t my b-day yesterday when you sent the ask, but it IS today!!!

So thank you!!!

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aquarpisc replied to your post “Off to early birthday dinner…”

Love you Mary!!!

Love you too! Hope you’re doing well!

jennagill replied to your post “Off to early birthday dinner…”

Happy early birthday mama!

Thanks!! Since I’m answering the next day, it’s technically my b-day now, so I’ll be on and off all day to do more family/friend stuff.

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There are other types of medicine for cramps. Pay for your own birth control, dipshit. If your body is none of anybody's business... Don't ask people for their tax money.

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Ok, first of all, I would love to write you a 10,000 word response but I’m limited when using Tumblr mobile, so forgive my short response.

Secondly, you absolutely have the right to disagree with me. What you absolutely DON’T have the right to do is disrespect me. If you want your argument to have merit don’t throw insults into it or curse words. It makes you look like the a**hole, not me. Any further attempts at disrespect will be met with kitten GIFs.

Secondly, there are actually not any other medicines that lessen the severity of cramps and menstrual cycles except for hormone therapy (otherwise known as Birth Control). There are medicines that help treat the symptoms, like painkillers, but not the cause.

A good example of this is strep throat. Let’s say you have a bad case of strep throat. Your doctor might prescribe you an antibiotic, like Penicillin. That is a medicine that treats the underlying CAUSE of your strep throat. Now, you may still have fatigue and throat pain, so you may also get some over-the-counter cough/cold medicine and some throat spray. Those are medicines that treat the SYMPTOMS. If you took just those OTC medicines, they might make you feel better, but they won’t have any impact on you getting better.

The underlying cause of bad menstrual cramps and endemetriosis is a woman’s menstrual cycle. And usually, heavy or painful periods for women are a sign that something is wrong. That’s why just about any body book or women’s magazine will advise women to tell their gynecologist about these symptoms. So, painkillers work similar to throat spray would for strep throat. It helps you feel better, and helps cope with your symptoms, sure, but it doesn’t treat any underlying cause. What birth control does is manipulate a women’s hormones so that she either has a shorter duration of ovulation or not ovulate at all. This is why BC helps treat the symptoms. I can refer you back to my original post of the conversation where I explain how BC helps treat endemetriosis and preserve fertility, because frankly, I don’t have the time nor patience to explain it again right now.

Third, let’s talk about “your tax money” paying for my birth control. In my case, that’s not nor has it been the case. The government health mandate says that everyone has to carry health insurance, yes, but it’s not always the government that is actually paying for this insurance. The mandate has certain stipulations in effect for a person to qualify for subsidized (not free) health insurance (for example, if your income is not low enough or your workplace already offers health insurance, then you don’t qualify for subsidized health insurance. So I, as most Americans do, pay for my health insurance through my workplace. They pay a certain portion (which is generally considered as part of my salary or incentive to work there) and I pay the rest. So I’m not asking you to pay for my BC, just for the record. What my initial argument stated was that I don’t believe that private companies should get to dictate what medications are covered based on the personal beliefs of its owners.

But let’s stop and talk for a second about “your tax money.” There are some people who qualify for subsidized healthcare, as I’ve stated before. So statistically, these are the people that we’re gonna be talking about when we talk about your tax money and whether or not it should cover birth control. Is it your religious beliefs that oppose birth control? Because if that’s the case, then surely you must oppose all of your tax money that goes towards funding wars, where millions of innocencents die. Or what about the death penalty? Aren’t they all equal sins? Do you oppose that as well, or is the only subject that you could manage to muster righteous indignation over is birth-control?

Where does your opposition more have to do with cost? If that’s the case I encourage you to do a simple cost analysis of how much it costs for the government (ie YOUR TAX MONEY) to pay for birth control as opposed to how much it costs to pay for unwanted pregnancy, from social programs, wage subsidies, food assistance, health insurance subsidies, to stare care, etc. Because statistically, people who require govt assisted health insurance are more likely to require govt assistance programs to help with the cost of a child.

And lastly, is my body none of anyone’s business? That’s funny, because last time I checked, there were laws stipulating if, when, and how I have access to abortions. In fact, in some states of this great country, I can be sexually assaulted, get pregnant from it, and my rapist would get a say in what I do with my pregnancy and my body. So I hate to break it to you, but I’m not the one who started government interference in women’s bodies.

P.S. What about the vasectomies? Why is it okay to pay for those but not BC. Someone explain it to me.

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I just died.


I just died.

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Putting sunscreen on your own back:

AKA: The impossible task.

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Soooo....I absolutely adore your Gadge drabbles, AND my birthday happens to be tomorrow, but whatever you do with that information is entirely up to you. *bats eyelashes*

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That is very interesting information.

If, say, someone wanted to do something about that, is there a specific universe you particularly enjoyed?

Hmmm, I really like all of them, but I love the bodyguard one and basically all the ones where they’re not “supposed to” be together.

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Rest in Peace, Sir Richard Attenborough (1923–2014)

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Happy birthday, Mary! I know you're going to have an incredible year, and here's hoping that today is beautiful and joyous. xoxo

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Thank you sweetie!!!! It’s been a great, low-key day, complete with breakfast in bed and chocolate strawberry cake. And thank you for the sweet wishes; this year will definitely be one for the books!!!!

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stacylk replied to your post: Off to early birthday dinner…

Did I miss your birthday? If I did I’m the worst tumblr friend ever

Lol you did not! It is today (which was technically yesterday when you responded), so you’re actually right on time! And yours is next week, right?

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Off to early birthday dinner…

Hey y’all,

As I’ve apparently managed to draw the ire of strangers across the internet, I’ll have to answer asks, etc tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support!

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Mother Contrary is adorable.

I taught her some slang the other day, and today when I text to tell her I’ll be over in a little bit, she responds with:

"No prob, I’m chillin like a villain."

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Early birthday gift from overseas bestie is so awesome. They were delivered to my door cold. High-res

Early birthday gift from overseas bestie is so awesome. They were delivered to my door cold.